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Every program we offer has Distinct quality

    All Services offered through Balance with Distinction are designed to help care for horses and riders, building a strong relationship based on the vitality of both. We can ‘use’ a horse to get a job done, or seek interaction that enhances both horse and human. Whatever your equestrian passion may be, discover how to achieve unity with your horse, while improving his way of going. Our Mission is to provide an environment where both horses and humans can experience a life in the absence of force and pressure, and explore the distinctions that make life possible.  

   Our Distinctive approach is so successful due to the process we take in evaluating WHY your horse is experiencing 

any lack of understanding, cooperation, or ability to perform. We create profound improvement in as little as a single 

session using Balance work, targeting intrinsic muscles, along with a marriage of classical & cutting edge enhancement exercises. All exercises resulting in softer feel, smoother gaits, transitions, & enhanced engagement. Every session conducted to produce relaxation and calm      your horse, while improving athletic performance.


Services of Distinction

* Complete holistic equine assessments.

​*Thorough evaluations for riders

* Enhancement for Horse & Rider through straightness exercises & corrective work for balanced development.




*Thorough rehabilitation and enhancement

* Barefoot hoofcare / Apex method certified trimmer

* Sportz-Vibe massage,                                       

 * Ice Vibe Tendon, Hock & Knee boots,                   * Magnetic, Infrared, & Photonic, & Bemer     Therapies.

Straightness training on the cavesson. True development of the back & topline through classical ground and in-hand work.  Classical training consists of a system of ever increasing exercises, first from the ground, then under saddle creating a willing and responsive partner. 


Sportz-Vibe massage & Ice-Vibe circulation therapy. "Sportz-vibe's massage action is gentle enough that is won't over-work your horse's muscles, but will effectively reduce muscle tension. The removable massage panels allow us to target specific areas. By encouraging the lymph system to move, massage helps drain inflammation and stimulate repair to damaged tissue. Ice-Vibe boots are rechargeable, vibrating boots contoured to fit a horse's lower leg, hocks or knees helping boost circulation by creating a massage effect. Everyday wear and tear on joints can be managed with daily use and injury  rehabilitation can be achieved more effectively." 


Bemer Sessions. The Bemer veterinary line supports you in the optimum care of your horse. Bemer assists in preserving health and increasing performance. All devices work with a unique signal that has been successfully tried and tested for over 20 years. The worldwide patented device signal and Liechtenstein/Swiss made manufacturing are pillars of  their global success. Positive effects of Bemer application are the promotion of rehabilitation and regeneration of muscles and tissues, reduces stress during transportation and competitions, relaxes the psyche and muscles before work and supports recovery after. 

Photonic accupoint stimulation/red light therapy.  There are 14 standard points for wellness as well as specific points for a variety of conditions, such as gastric health/ulcers, joint support, wounds & injuries, colic and much more.  Our go-to 'magic wand.'



The Apex Trim Method. Whether your horse is a difficult rehabiliation case, or  ongoing maintenance, hoofcare is included in all monthly programs. Balance begins with the hoof.

"This system of trimming restores the support structures of the hoof to create a truly sound barefoot horse. The horse becomes sound in the hoof and the entire body. The correct alignment of the horse is restored from heel to over all biomechanics of the horse. The vast majority of clinics and schools are spreading false information on the needs of the hoof. The majority of these methods are reducing heel height to achieve a certain angle in the hoof and a ground parallel coffin bone. This goes against all scientific research and the anatomy of the hoof, and how a hoof needs to function to create proper heel first landing. It puts excessive wear and tear on the joints of the horse. When the heel is lowered the digital cushion and frog cannot function properly. Nor, can the horse have the correct sole depth to protect the joints and coffin bone from excessive wear and tear. The signs are so obvious when one sees the truth about these trims. Abscessing, bucking, body pain, braced stances, broken pastern angles, and toe first landing. You also have the other school of thought, that is behind in science. That the outer wall of the hoof holds the weight of the horse. This again is an outdated theory. The Apex Method weights the hoof evenly across the entire hoof as nature intended."

-Lana Comeriato, Founder  of Apex Method & Master Trimmer

Personalized Riding Lessons

Join Bethany & her team of trusted horses for your individualized ring lesson. Riders can expect to gain horsemanship insight and skills including basic grooming, care, and handling and balanced riding from a secure, adhesive seat . Refinement of skills is also offered which applies to multiple disciplines of riding, such as Endurance, Cowboy & Classical Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Western Pleasure, and Gymkhana. Students are taught from the ground up with opportunities for knowledge of holistic horse care and ownership. We present a learning environment with respect to communication between horse and rider. **Students are welcome to trailer in their own horse for classes and guided trail riding/instruction.

Distance Training, Endurance Conditioning, & Coaching
Prepare & condition your horse for distance riding.
From LD to Endurance, we will coach you along the trail,
guide you & your horse along predetermined courses,
including periodic  practice 'vet stops' to P&R.
Conditioning & coaching services, race day mentoring from pre-ride through final vetting, including crewing service & hauling.
 We train at Distinction Ranch for under 3-5 minute recoveries.
Our intention is ALWAYS  strive for BEST CONDITION. 
*We offer single session rates, lesson packages &
on site boarding for monthly programs.
Unique Trail Lessons 

We provide trail lessons and adventures for everyone from avid trail enthusiasts to families to first timers. Expect an experience you will never forget as you set out in the Cleveland National Forest in Japatul Valley. Your 100% private adventure includes views of Horsethief Canyon and Pine Creek. We tailor the ride to suit your desire and skill level. Both the horses and trail are personally matched to rider, providing a safe, relaxing atmosphere in which guests and truly experience horses and nature in one. Faster-paced lessons are provided for those experienced riders, as well as strolls through the mountains for families with children. Guests are welcome to bring cameras along the trail for the majestic views and many smiles that wait. Catered trail lessons are offered as well as romantic gift packages and family specials. 

Please  contact us for current specials and individualized trail packages for special occasions!

Youth Programs

Our Youth Horsemanship Programs offer children quality interactions with horses and a team of equine professionals. Curriculum-based lessons and enrichment activities provide children with a sound foundation in horsemanship as well as many smiles along the way. Individualized attention and flexibility allow for each child to make the most of their time spent with Distinction Ranch.


Endurance Training
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