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Before and After

A testament to the loving rehabilitation of Distinction Ranch. 

Majic Before

Majic After

Majic Before

Majic After ~ One Session ,90 minutes later

Pilot Before

Experiencing Crookedness, all weight on left fore, hind end shearing away, falling in on circle...

Pilot After ~

One Session, moving straighter, stepping under, beginning to engage

Max Before

Experiencing crookedness, inverted posture, hind end shearing away, stressful expression

Max After ~

Beginning to bend, finding longitudinal stretch, muscles starting to relax

Galileo Before 

Galileo After ~

Galileo Testimonial

​When Galileo arrived at Bethany Pappani Training in 2007, he suffered from various physical aliments, from ulcers to conformational related lameness. Galileo was completely crooked, using only one side of his body. Galileo also held mental insecurities surrounding nearly all interactions. He was extremely difficult to handle, impossible for a Veterinarian. His challenging mannerisms sought patience in the worst way. He displayed fear-aggressive behaviors.

Although his partner held high hopes for Galileo, he was unable to train & compete in his current condition. Immediately Galileo was treated for his ulcer. He began consistent Cavesson work, redirecting balance and facilitating the use of his back. Galileo also underwent patience-focused rehabilitation, as he had many challenging behavioral issues.

Since his transformation, Galileo and partner Paolo have finished in the Top 10 of multiple-distance endurance competitions. Galileo is fit, strong, and happy,  amd participated in his first Multi-Day Endurance competition in the fall of 2008. Galileo has continued to make progress over the years and is a fine example of the care and hard work that Bethany puts into all the horses brought to her. Galileo is now owned by Bethany, continues to compete, work cattle and serve as trail guide.​ ​​​​

“I met Bethany Pappani in the spring of 2007, when I was looking for a new home for my Arabian gelding. I was going abroad for several months, and I needed someone I could completely trust on all aspects of natural horse care, including boarding, diet, ground handling, trail training, and endurance conditioning. Bethany did all that and more with my gelding during the summer of 2007. When I came back several months later, I found my horse thriving, easy to handle (you could hardly groom him before), confident and forward in the trails, and essentially ready for his endurance career. I still have my horse under a full-training program with Bethany Pappani, which really is a holistic natural horse care program. Bethany never stops surprising me with her ability to handle difficult horses, from grooming to vet procedures, from safe hauling to trail riding. This ability is part natural talent and part love for the animals; it cannot be explained by mere knowledge and experience. It’s also the love for the sport, as obvious in her meticulous preparation for competitive rides. It’s a real pleasure to be introduced to this complex sport of endurance riding with Bethany taking care of every detail and, to be honest, doing all the hard work, while I can enjoy the miles of fun riding.”

Paolo Padoan, Astral-Physics Professor

Barcelona, Spain/Poway, CA

 The first step in any training or rehabilitation program is assessing  each equine's current body state. This must be repeated each and every day. The next stage consists of two steps: First the horse is straightened with a cavesson on the longe, so his trunk musculature is built to a point where he is able to carry a riders' weight. Second, this training is sustained under saddle. The horse, now balanced and strong, will meet this challenge calmly. Nutrition, hoof care,  and overall health is also addressed on a case by case basis. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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