Bethany Pappani

    "Balance with Distinction refers to our distinctive approach to horses.  Everything we do is inspired from the daily intention that the perspective of the horse comes first; ever mindful of the parameters of domestication imposed upon them.

    Each day, each horse we work with, is assessed with consideration for his current body, mental, and emotional state. If there is tension, the focus is to allow the horse to release it. I choose from many modalities and combine them as needed to accomplish release and ease of interaction - bodywork & stretching, straightness training, aroma therapy, and groundwork. The aim is to develop a balanced connection throughout ourselves, together."


The horse is always given a choice in everything we do.


      "Riding lessons are taught from the perspective of my mentor, that every step we ride, we are either enhancing or diminishing the horse.  We must seek to ride in a manner that allows the horse, to arrive at the correct answer. This can be achieved only by absolute basics in classical principles to create gymnastic riding and postural development for rider and horse. ‘Correct’ isn’t about being right or wrong. It is instead about better function and ways of being which, over time, the horse will want to choose for himself as feeling better in every way.

    When experiencing a challenging situation I will ask myself, “Did I confuse him with my thoughts? Did I do what I was intending?”  This mindset gives me the freedom to re-present myself to the horse and ask again in a manner which prevents anger or frustration in either partner. With this philosophy, the horse learns free from force and pressure; the rider is free from the pressure of being perfect; both are free from being mechanical. I am not seeking obedience or conditioned responses from horses, but willing partners. We enhance each other. I am truly blessed to work with horses for a living."

About my mentor~

    Becoming acquainted with Patrice Edwards in 2008, we began hosting her for multiple clinics here in the U.S.

    Patrice is committed to classical dressage, sharing a traditional approach to methods that have been used for centuries yet are still relevant to today’s training. Patrice is an early and current life member of the TTT - "Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust" in the UK.

    In these times of harsh and heavy-handed riding, her equestrian lifeblood has been the Trust, whose aims and desires are to train correctly with respect for the art of classical riding where the horse is the center of the art.


 “What Patrice has brought to us has been invaluable

            - Bethany Pappani


    Specializing in rehabilitive focused teaching, Bethany spends her days engaged in lessons, practicing bodywork and continued development toward straightness in horse & human.

    Bethany is currently also a student of Marijke de Jong, Straightness Training Academy.

    You can currently find Bethany participating  Endurance, Ride & Tie events, and local parades. She offers mentoring and sponsorship to  junior riders and recruits & coaches Ride and Tie rookies. 



A bit about what we do

Young Arabian mare, first ride out

 Spotted saddle horse gelding, before and after a few sessions

How to ride a horse up and down hills